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It all started in the rolling hills of Bellevue, Iowa

Hello, from Twisted Oak Pomskies where we are striving to make your dream of having a perfect marked Pomsky with a lovely personality, a reality. We are a small family breeder focused on breeding only high-quality and healthy Pomskies. Over the years of having family dogs of different breeds, we have come to the conclusion (and believe you will too!) that there is no better family pet than a beautiful Pomsky! All of Our adult dogs are Embark DNA health tested to ensure that we produce only the finest and healthiest Pomsky around!



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Thank you for your interest in Twisted Oak Pomskies! Our goal is to provide you with an easy and enjoyable experience when choosing your perfect Pomsky companion. We take great pride in the care and health of our puppies as well as the parents. We strive to raise and breed the best marked, highest quality, and healthiest Pomskies. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions!

We offer shipping across the U.S via private pet nanny or American Airlines.

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