Puppy Parents

Puppy Parents

Meet The Daddies And Mommies At Twisted Oak Pomskies!


Sweet Lacy just love attention and weighs around 28 lbs. Here is a link to Lacy’s Embark results.


Dixie is a tiny girl with a big heart and weighs around 11 lbs. Here is a link to Dixies Embark results.


Halo looks just like a mini husky and weighs around 14 lbs. Here is a link to Halo’s Embark results.


This Jolly guy is Kiro. He is the Daddy of all our puppies and weighs around 20 lbs. Here is a link to Kiro’s Embark results.


This little guy is Hershey and will be our future stud. Hershey is a toy Pomsky and weighs around 9 lbs. We are excited to see puppies from him in fall 2022/spring 2023. Here is a link to Hershey’s Embark results.

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